Beacon Scorecard 2015

The new Beacon Scorecard was released May 1st. In addition to completely redesigning our previous dashboard, there are some important new features and metrics we would like to bring to your attention:
QUAC scores – QUAC is our unique overall population health metric and remains intact displayed with its components broken down. Of note, please check the focus period in the table under the # of attributed lives… and this metric can also be seen in your profile in our directory.
Under the “This Quarter” row which shows your current scores you will see:
Last Quarter: your score on the last report date
Beacon Average: the average score in Beacon
You vs. Beacon: how you compare to the Beacon average. Please note that context is important. For instance, Quality is a metric where higher scores vs. Beacon average are desirable… whereas, higher than average costs are less desirable for Admits and Cost.
Your Percentile: where you rank compared to your peers 1-100 (100 percentile is top)
Your Points: Each category Q, U, A, C is worth a maximum of 25 points. The U and A categories are broken down to 12.5 points each. All of the metrics except for Quality are given points via the following equation: Your Percentile X # max points. Quality points are generated by this equation: This Quarter X 25
For example if you score in the 70th percentile (70%) on Re-admissions, your points for that category would be 0.7 x 12.5 = 8.75 points.
QUAC TOTAL SCORE = summation of all the “Your Points” category in the row
YOUR QUAC Rank is given and n is listed. N= # qualifying docs with >50 lives
QM Completion and QM Performance are as they were previously. This data can be seen on the Beacon – Health Endeavors dashboard.
Risk Adjusted Non-PCP touches per attributed life – this is a new metric we have added starting May 2015. We risk adjust your patient panel and come up with a # of provider visits (excluding yours) that the average patient in your panel is generating. Then this is compared to the Beacon average to see where you are in relation to others in the Network.
Beacon Engagement Index – this is a metric we are using for Kinship (along with EMR and PCMH). Kinship is responsible for the K in the QUACK score which is a part of your shared savings distribution. You are awarded engagement points by doing various activities such as attending meetings, events, downloading the app, reading newsletters, etc. We then divide the range (low to high score) by 4 and break it into quartiles (1=top quartile).
Domestic Utilization is a composite metric:
50% “Provider”: this is outpatient office referrals
50% “Facility”: this is for in-network facilities. At this time, we are using CHS in-patient admits.
Your Score and the Beacon Average are shown in the box on the right. The average of your scores is brought to your “This Quarter” score under U in the QUAC scoring.
BCBS / United-Oxford / Aetna:
Here you will find your attributed lives per contract and progress with your gaps in care through the date range under the heading. Your provider relations representative will be regularly providing you with this data, but if there is any question you can always reach out for further clarification.
Please contact your Provider Relations representative if you have any questions about your data. If you have any general questions, comments or suggestions regarding how we can further improve these Scorecards, please let us know.

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