Beacon Health Partners has a remedy for what’s ailing health care.

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act and years of change in the healthcare industry have resulted in a trend toward hospital consolidation. Many private practice physicians have found it beneficial to become acquired by a hospital system, where they forgo independence to eliminate the burden of navigating a new and confusing atmosphere.

Some primary and specialty practices have held out against the wave of consolidation, preferring to remain independent. Yet, many of these practices report difficulties keeping up with the latest information technology, regulatory requirements, and administrative details. That’s where a strategic partner like Beacon comes in.

The most important question remains: How will changes in the healthcare industry ultimately affect patient care?

Beacon Health Partners seeks to reconcile to physicians the benefits of remaining independent while offering them much-needed support that serves the very purpose of the healthcare industry: providing high quality, cost effective patient care and ultimately realizing a healthier population.

Beacon Health Partners operates a three-pronged approach, focusing on creating healthier physician practices and healthier patient practices, in an effort to improve population health. By taking both pragmatic and innovative steps to accomplish its vision, Beacon brings a new and exciting solution to the realities of modern healthcare.

The benefits to participating doctors are manifold. In addition to shared savings opportunities and enhanced rates linked to quality efforts, Beacon offers its physicians group purchasing rates for medical supplies, consultative services for more efficient administration, including improved office workflow and experienced digital integration, free leadership training and special educational programs that enable them to deliver better care more efficiently while increasing their profitability.

There is a collaborative effort for patients in Beacon Health Partners between a patient’s current care providers and the Beacon care team to maximize health. This manifests by improving medication and preventive screening compliance, better communication across the continuum of care, easier access to their doctors, reduced out of pocket spending resulting from fewer encounters with the healthcare system, and better health education. A result of this attention leads to a significantly improved patient experience.

Through the creation of a robust collaborative network, the positive impact Beacon Health Partners has on the overall population is evidenced by an increase in quality care, fewer gaps in care for its entire population, and easier and more effective data sharing through a more complete infrastructure. The result is greater population oversight with fewer patients falling through the cracks. Under this model, the transition from disease-driven care to a focus on prevention and wellness has the potential to transform the way we live in a very real way.

Beacon Health Partners is excited to take the healthcare industry into a new realm, helping to heal a broken system so that doctors can do what they’re here to do: deliver the best possible care to their patients.

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