The Value of Creating a Healthier Population

Beacon Health Partners measures success by increasing care for the most at-risk groups, identifying gaps in care throughout the population and addressing those particular needs, sharing more comprehensive data through a complete infrastructure, offering more vaccinations to those who lack them, and providing better oversight of the population so fewer patients fall through the cracks. Under this model, the transition from sick care to preventive and wellness care has the potential to truly make a difference in people’s lives.


Beacon CareNation

Beacon Health Partners offers physicians Care Coordination—a means by which all of a patient’s healthcare needs are assessed and addressed through an assortment of referrals, resources, navigation and information-sharing.

A Care Coordinator determines the type of assistance a patient may need, prevents medical services from being duplicated and ensures that all preventive measures are taken. Care Coordinators help physicians achieve the Triple Aim—increased quality, decreased cost, improved patient experience—and work to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits.

They accomplish this by:

  • Addressing care transition issues
  • Monitoring preventive measures
  • Improving access to care
  • Reconciling medications
  • Eliminating duplicative services
  • Facilitating comprehensive health promotion and chronic condition management

“Beacon Health Partners has become an integral part of my professional life. I truly enjoy the camaraderie and real friendships with my fellow physicians. I’ve received immeasurable professional support, including assistance with PCMH, new Medicare codes and Physician Education programs. In addition, we enjoy enhanced reimbursement with third-party payers and discounted purchasing programs, and participate in shared savings programs.”

Stephen Sissleman, DO
Internal Medicine

“Thanks to Beacon’s team Doreen and Kelli. They were there for me every turn of the way. They explained everything, directed me and showed me the way to better care for my father. These days, when customer service is so poor, the Beacon team is a shining light.”

Lina B., Bayside, N.Y.

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Physicians under the Beacon Health umbrella are free to focus on disease prevention and continuity of care, and their patients benefit from superior service. This is the way healthcare should work, but often doesn’t. By aligning with a Beacon doctor, patients build a long-term relationship that offers their physicians a comprehensive understanding of their overall health. With this vital connection, they can often address medical issues before they become chronic and prove costly.