The Value of Creating Healthier Physician Practices

The benefits for doctors who join Beacon Health Partners are manifold. From group purchasing rates for medical supplies and more cost-efficient administration—including improved workflow and experienced digital integration—to exclusive, free leadership training and special programs, to increased care and revenue from serving a broader patient population, members’ savings over time are substantial, which puts the practice on healthier financial footing.

Provider Value Proposition

  • Managed Care Contracting
  • Networking with Quality Colleagues
  • Value-Added Services
  • Group Marketing Efforts
  • Care Management and Social Work Services
  • Education and Practice-Improvement Initiatives

“Beacon Health Partners has allowed our practice to keep its independence and autonomy while simultaneously becoming part of a group—the best of both worlds. Beacon Health Partners makes us better-equipped to adjust to the ever-changing medical landscape. We never could have done this on our own.”

Ian Storch, DO

Beacon U

At Beacon Health Partners, we believe the creation of a continuously improving, skillful and unified team is critical to creating a healthier practice. Beacon University (better known as “Beacon U”) offers opportunities to promote professional growth and team building. Through Beacon U, all clinical and non-clinical Beacon members have access to exclusive, cost-free trainings on a wide variety of topics. Additionally, participation in Beacon U earns you/your practice points towards your Kinship score which is tied to shared savings as well as credits towards a Beacon U degree. Click here for the Beacon U enrollment application.

Click here for the Beacon U 2016 Course Catalogue


“The practice of medicine is changing rapidly. Adapting to the these changes necessitates an understanding of new reporting requirements as well as the implementation and use of challenging new technology. Being a member of Beacon has helped me crack the code. Beacon is made up of a team of dedicated and motived minds set out to help physicians overcome the uncertainty and obstacles of today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. Importantly, Beacon has allowed me to maintain my independence while becoming part of a larger network that supports physicians like me. ”

Keith Hoerning, DO
Family Practice


The goal of Beacon Health Partners is for all of its eligible primary care practices (including those practices specializing in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Pediatrics) to obtain either Level 2 or Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition from the National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA). To achieve this, we have invested significant resources, including appointing the Medical Director of Beacon Health Partners to serve as the PCMH Director and hiring a PCMH Coordinator.

“Medicine today requires a Team approach. If you make the decision to stay independent, the Independent Practice Association model is an integral part of maintaining that independence. Beacon IPA has enhanced my practice, helped me collect revenue that I was entitled to, and keeps me solvent and current. I am proud to be a part of this group.”

Bernadette Sheridan, MD
Family Practice

Beacon Health Partners has developed a PCMH Initiative, which consists of three major components:

1. Provide 1:1 PCMH recognition assistance to a multi-disciplinary team from a primary care practice.
When a practice enrolls in the Beacon PCMH Recognition Assistance Program, it is assigned a Beacon PCMH Facilitator, who guides a multi-disciplinary team from the practice through the NCQA-PCMH recognition process. The Beacon PCMH Facilitator works with a practice weekly for four to six months so it can achieve its goals for PCMH recognition. Specifically, the Beacon PCMH Facilitator conducts an onsite assessment using the NCQA-PCMH 2011 requirements, develops a customized work plan for the practice based on an analysis of its current situation and future objectives, and then works closely with the practice on a weekly basis (including both virtually and in-person) to implement the plan. (Please note there is a fee associated with these services.)

2. Provide training, workshops and seminars on topics related to PCMH.
To supplement the education and training provided as part of the Recognition Assistance Program, Beacon Health Partners is joining with experts (e.g., Merck) on topics related to PCMH in order to provide both in-person and virtual training, workshops and seminars. These events are open to all Beacon Health Partners’ primary care practices at no cost, enabling all practices (even those not enrolled in the Beacon PCMH Recognition Assistance Program) to begin taking the steps and making any improvements necessary to meet the PCMH requirements. Beacon Health Partners plans to arrange approximately six events per year.

3. Develop and maintain a PCMH Repository.
The repository includes resources and materials (e.g., reference materials, links to webinars) on a comprehensive list of topics related to the PCMH model and NCQA-PCMH requirements. It includes resources from external sources and those developed by the Beacon PCMH Team.

CCM Fee Assistance Program

Beginning in 2015, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced a reimbursable code for what is now called Chronic Care Management. This new code allows providers to bill for non-face-to-face contact that they or their staff have with patients who have two or more chronic conditions. This provision will increase revenue for the practice by up to $600 annually per qualified patient. In order to bill for this service, the practice must document the time spent with the patient and track all Care Management services provided. Beacon Health Partners realizes that this task may be taxing and time-consuming for providers and their staff. Accordingly, Beacon has developed the Chronic Care Management Fee Assistance Program. Beacon Health Partners has a team of RNs, LPNs, Health Coaches and Social Workers who are well versed in Care Management tasks and documentation. We can work with your practice to help you achieve this added revenue stream.

For more information and resources related to our CCM Fee Assistance Program, members should visit the Members-Only section of the website, or please email us at

“I joined Beacon Health Partners to be able to stay in private practice without having to be taken over by a hospital or a large group practice. I believed that the leadership team could guide us on a pathway to success even though the path was not known. Beacon Health Partners has led us on this constantly changing path to achieve our goals of staying in private practice, coordinating care among many different doctors in different specialties, and improving the quality of care for our patients. I have been on the board of Beacon Health Partners and have enjoyed helping to make us successful. I look forward to continuing to be involved in the process necessary for the continued success of Beacon Health Partners and highly recommend that other independent physicians join us on this journey.”

Susan Wasserman, MD

Office Manager Program

At Beacon Health Partners, we are committed to promoting the professional growth of the non-clinical practice leaders, the officer managers, or practice administrators. We have a curriculum of educational activities (through Beacon U) and networking events tailored specifically for these staff members. We believe that developing a community within this group leads to healthier individual practices.

“Being a part of beacon has helped us maintain a better continuity of care for our patients. Beacon itself is an awesome resource, especially for setting up services like home care. Reaching out to the Care Management Department is refreshing because we know they will put all efforts in to our patients’ needs.”

Office Manager

Beacon Leadership Academy

This program is focused on cultivating the expertise of people who have the potential to make exceptional contributions to Beacon Health Partners in the years ahead.

Through four intensive classroom courses each year, as well as ongoing learning and mentoring opportunities over the next three years, these key leaders will be educated thoroughly about the issues and challenges confronting healthcare today. They will develop the critical skills, knowledge and perspective to act as dynamic leaders.

Throughout the experience, participants in this special program are challenged to define what great leadership means to them and to understand the importance of meeting the specific needs of their organization or their department.

“Participating in the Beacon Leadership Academy has been an outstanding opportunity. We have already started to utilize the skills in managing our office, problem-solving, and in helping us to better position our practice for the future.”

Jeff Ellis, MD

Our members enjoy administrative, corporate, and financial support, as well as free leadership training and more benefits. Find physicians who are committed to healthier practices by joining Beacon Health Partners.